www.apitherapy.academy offers workshops and training courses on Apitherapy and Organic Beekeeping.

We have the best experts ready to teach you all the "secrets" about our lovely bees.

Apitherapy is one of the oldest medicines in the world and has the answer to the health problems you have been suffering from for so long‏.


www.apitherapy.academy propose des ateliers et des formations sur l'apithérapie et l'apiculture biologique.

Nous avons les meilleurs experts prêts à vous apprendre tous les "secrets" sur nos belles abeilles.

L’apithérapie est l’un des médicines les plus anciens au monde et apporte une réponse aux problèmes de santé dont vous souffrez depuis si longtemps.


www.apitherapy.academy bietet Workshops zu biologischer Imkerei und Apitherapie an.

Die besten Experten weihen Sie in die Geheimnisse unserer wunderbaren Bienen ein.

Die Apitherapie hat als eine der ältesten Therapieformen der Welt Antworten auf viele gesundheitliche Probleme auch der heutigen Zeit.

Next Workshops

Maubourguet (Pyrenees) - FRANCE 

20, 21 and 22 of May 2019  -  Level 1 and 2  (bee venom therapy - micro apipuncture and BEE YOGA)



Antonio Couto


Born in Lisbon, Portugal (01/10/1962)


+351.968444081 (mobile)


President of the Portuguese Apitherapy Association  (since 2005).                                                                     

President of the company “BeeClinic, Lda” (since 2007).        


President of the company “Hexagonis, Lda” (since 2015)                                                                                                


Co-Founder of the ONG “Bees For Life” (in 2009)


Member of the American Apitherapy Society (since 2013)


Member of the Nippon Apitherapy Society (2006-2013)


International Apitherapy Consultant (since 2005)
Organizer and co-organizer of Apitherapy Courses and Media presentations


Specialized in Apitherapy – Bee Venom Therapy (Micro Api Puncture), Reflexology, Massage, Phytotherapy, Nutrition, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Su Jok, Cupping, Paida Lajing and TAO Trophology.


Presented Apitherapy papers and Api-puncture demonstrations in Portugal, Germany, Spain, Romania, Brazil, France, Italy, Hungary, Japan, Czech Republic, Thailand, Slovenia, Angola, Senegal, Norway, United States of America, Canada and Morocco in conferences, seminars or workshops (since 2004).




Professional and special devices and instruments for Micro Api-punture (Bee Venom Therapy):


  • Professional bee boxes for Bee Venom Therapy
  • Bee leash
  • Improved tweezers for Bee Venom Therapy
  • “Food for bees inside the box for Bee Venom Therapy”



Catherine Flurin

Catherine Flurin



+33.(0)6 08 77 83 43

Catherine Flurin, daughter of René Flurin (medical doctor) was the first BIO beekeeper in the world.

Owner of the Ballot-Flurin company since1970 produces the best products available in the apitherapy market for the use of all who want and deserve the best.

Since 1970 she has been practicing and developing "Sweet Beekeeping (Apiculture DOUCE)", a technique unique in its kind (with trademark).

Also unique in the world and with a trademark is "BEE YOGA", a technique that elevates our being to a level never before imagined.

With hundreds of wonderful products on the market, Catherine is never satisfied and every day is on her way to research and develop new products.

Catherine is making workshops all over the world teaching her unique techniques and trying to make people understand how bees are important for Human kind and also how bees can give us so much if we also give them love.